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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bernanke Is Finished

The following presentation, titled "Hyperinflation: A Graphic Presentation," does a superb job of detailing the frightfully perilous state of today's banking system and offers a useful visual framework for understanding hyperinflation's physical effect whose negative consequence is poised only to accelerate the physical economy on a downward trajectory if we continue tolerating such criminal incompetents as Bernanke who insist that, supporting a derivatives bubble of such fantastic dimensions as today swamps large, money center banks somehow offers a means to resuscitating employment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Likewise, I'm willing to bet increasing dissent at the Fed comes with full awareness of the downward trajectory both the physical and financial economy are doomed to course with continuance of Bernanke's QE policy.

Now that we have reached a point where the last vestiges of manufacturing production in the U.S. are threatened with shutdown via an equally criminally insane "sequester" born of a "Satan Sandwich" served with the "Budget Control Act of 2011," moving front and center is tangible basis for removing Bernanke as soon as possible. Splits occurring within the Fed's ranks no doubt are poised to become more pronounced, as well as become more pervasive throughout the entire U.S. political spectrum. One million souls threatened to be thrown on the employment scrapheap, whether directly or indirectly, as a consequence of squeezing defense related spending simply will not fly without a serious fight whose manifestation could see antagonists among "too big to fail" titans of tyranny coming under increasing attack, as well.

It is becoming abundantly obvious this legislative initiative principally is occurring in support of the banking system's monstrous derivatives bubble, this to the effect of coercively forcing the availability of physical assets for feeding the [imperial] banking system's infinite need to apply leverage, that the unsustainability of leverage of old be masked, lest this be left to collapse in a chaotic fit of revulsion. Yet this very end—chaotic collapse of the banking system's leverage—is completely inescapable. The now offensive extent to which everything vital to survival of the nation must be sacrificed in order to mask the insolvency of a banking system many times over destroyed is at a point where this being the very cause of the nation's economic and political marginalization is likely to be more publicly impugned the intolerable albatross it in fact is. Growing dissent at the Fed only reveals how close we are to a catharsis likely to create pushback. Forget about diplomatic language couched in monetarist constructs the Fed's dissenters voice. These folks are well aware of what is going on. I dare say Bernanke very likely is finished.

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