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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

G-20 Mafia Points Finance to the Mattresses

What is the purpose of allowing currency wars and imposing brutal austerity? Are these policies needed to sustain a mountain of illegitimate debt, no matter how brief the moment this might succeed? Or do these policies rather simply serve an entropic imperial system whose employment of leverage over all things, both physical and financial, positively must increase in whatever manner the moment allows, even to the effect of facilitating catastrophic collapse of all that which otherwise has served to mask its presence?

By today's more evident, upsetting manner in which effective attacks on humanity are being perpetrated we see a bankrupt, so-called "capitalist" system approaching its violent endgame: an objective, too, we might reasonably argue is intended. The consequence of the current period's inexorable lurch deeper into what rightly is perceived a threatened, veritable breakdown of civilization clearly shows up in measures of the stock market's technical underpinnings, as well. There is nothing changed, nothing defied, in what has been consistently presented here for time immemorial demonstrating the disconnect between a rising market and its weak underlying technical state. Calling stocks "garbage" is no stretch of the imagination when values assigned to every last issue are at grave risk of evaporating in chaotic panic precipitated by what can be convincingly argued unsustainable circumstance. Today's oh-so-thinly veiled imperative to impose physical violence on an ever-widening swath of the global economy virtually assures an outcome terribly destructive to many things today widely believed impervious. Financial collapse practically is a foregone conclusion. We might rightly assume, too, that by the market's notably weak underlying technical state we are not alone in this judgement.

Now, if you really think about it, the compromise of global currencies more or less has been ceaselessly progressing since August 15, 1971, the day U.S. President Nixon announced the end of the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates. Likewise has been the imposition of austerity. Real wages, real purchasing power, real wealth have been persistently contracting over the entire interim since the Bretton Woods system was scuttled. The current moment but finds abundant evidence of this ceaseless compromise of global commerce only the more stark. This counterproductive state of affairs—but the more graphically displayed with time's passage—appears slated to degrade still further. There positively is no end in sight to a decades-and-running stumble straight into the abyss. So, then, with ever greater difficulty will those vainly claiming their efforts venture prevention of another Great Depression likely summons ability to mask the fact they are marching the world straight into a Great Calamity.

As I have said before, ours is not a capitalist system. Rather, this is an abomination born of an imperialist nightmare the likes of which in a bygone day gave rise to the United States' Declaration of Independence.

As I also have said before, there is no such thing as a "free market." There is only "political economy." In this arena are competing forms, the likes of which Americans might consider acting with greater thoughtfulness and determination to ensure only the manner of political economy worthy mankind's labor ever is given quarter. What else is this nation's political freedom intended for?

Over the centuries various forms of imperial empire, all commonly marginalizing labor and inflicting unkind, unfeeling, unnecessary suffering, have prevailed over the western world. Yet in formation of the United States came creation of the American System of Political Economy venturing a representative means of maximizing the fruits of labor in a truth-abiding manifestation recognizing the human creative potential. How we became so captive, as we presently are, to this Venetian-like, intrigue-laden, corruption-facilitating, imperial form of "political economy" is a matter of treason whose neutralization somehow must occur if the inescapable calamity presently before us is to be sooner overcome. Thus would a worthy representative of the American republic give little concern to "jobs," now or ever, while with uncompromising persistence instead focus the nation's attention on legacies to which we are all in freedom born. Liberty in fact demands this, for without it there is slavery to the whims of a privileged few who otherwise subdue freedom in such imperial trappings as consume our world more or less completely now. Those who fail seeing this are as blind as a bat and well poised, too, for the beating.

Libertarians beware. There is no liberty when a desperate, hungry man is cutting your throat, that he may steal all you own including your very life. This is the neighborhood we presently are nearing, and your stupidity in rightly citing many forms of today's imperial treason, yet in prescribing cures worse than the disease itself surely leaves you exposed on the wrong side of history!

Forgive my "unhedged" (pun intended) torments directed at hapless libertarians. Surely, the gold these slavishly cherish all too likely will lead them into the ground. The real question, then, is whether there are enough patriots among us to help dig them and their gold out.

No doubt the road to destruction was being paved at the just concluded G-20 summit in Moscow, Russia. Imperial sophists gathered there concluded that, actions whose effect is rapidly devaluing national currencies are but the "domestic affairs" of the given countries in attendance, and should not otherwise be regarded acts of war. Truly, though, the nature of these "domestic affairs" does nothing but inspire yet more pernicious forms of violence! Just look at the euro-tomb periphery for graphic display of a work-in-progress slated to become a global phenomenon. Miscreants of a wasted, aristocratic education should in fact know what violence they, themselves, are condoning! So much evidence of their criminal misdeeds is glaring before their eyes, and yet all they can do is prescribe a still more violent elixir! Apparently, these evil folks are trained to coldly ignore reality, just like any other Nazi at heart. We will see how rigorous is their training when values assigned to wildly overpriced financial trinkets their purposeful blindness vainly ventures to sustain are sinking faster than Titanic in a sea of icebergs with which a calamitous collision their deal with the devil makes a virtual certainty, and this any moment now.

Yes sir, the monetarist school and associated free market libertarians are in a world of trouble right now. Inflation promoted via currency wars certainly stands to turn on its head the false notion that, inflation strictly is a monetary affair. Rather it is the outcome of physical acts of violence, and this no matter how effectively imperial sophistries hide this fact. Like I said, economic warfare bringing increasing harm to humanity has been ongoing since August 15, 1971. This attack's more hidden facets no longer can be disguised. Overt acts of violence inherent in a regime reduced to promoting currency wars now stands to graphically demonstrate to one and all the impossibility of sustaining today's illusion otherwise called a "market-based economy." Ours is nothing of the sort, but rather is an imperial swindle. Acts of violence will come, as they already have since 2008 in particular, in the form of an ever-widening shutdown of the physical economy. Currency wars only the more threaten to put this process on an accelerating trajectory.

Indeed, the effect of "sequestration" on the U.S. federal government's budget is part and parcel with this process. The devious intention here has nothing to do with rectifying market forces underpinning capitalism, but rather ventures subversion of all that sustains capital on a course that, itself, principally promotes the very means by which liberty is fostered in the physical realm.

Gold, as a store of "value," has absolutely no use in a climate of overt violence, the likes of which now through currency wars will be cultivated to still greater extreme. As desperation among victims of increasing economic marginalization grows, gold's "value"—its purchasing power—only the more surely is likely to diminish. Intellectually and morally bankrupt imperial monetarists can flood the globe all they like with "liquidity" amidst atrophying commerce. Yet managing the global economy's contraction while pretending to encourage its resuscitation sustains only a ruse—an increasingly violent one at that, as but more of humanity will be forced to acknowledge. Shutdown of the physical economy is but destined to accelerate if failed measures, amply proven since 2008 and prescribed by some of the world's most corrupt incompetents, continue being tolerated. Violence promoted—misery enforced—only the more certainly will hasten the sale of anything that can fetch a price, with proceeds going to sustain financial structures whose existence must by necessity increasingly impinge upon the well-being of humanity tragically trapped in an ever-deepening pit of imperial destruction. This simply must be, lest the whole rickety house of cards come down in spectacular fashion. Gold, therefore, is doomed to come under intensifying pressure at this point, as are all physical commodities for that matter, and this no matter the fate of today's imperial Ponzi scheme, whether it live on or die.

Now, we ought not assume today's awful dynamic accelerating economic violence hopelessly paralyzes various political influences whose contrary actions might irreversibly upset the rotting apple cart that is the global economy, generally, and the trans-Atlantic banking system in particular. Like I said last Friday, some among victims of ongoing economic marginalization could be inclining toward declaring a debt moratorium, or imposing currency controls. In fact we might rather expect some kind of game-changing reaction well before ongoing hyperinflationary shutdown of the global physical economy imposes misery of unimaginable proportions increasingly throughout the world. Which credible possibility should bring us to wonder whether where a mob family goes when it is in trouble (the mattresses) likewise is where money today is well advised to safely hide...

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