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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hyperinflationary Shutdown Rising Up to Its Vaseline Moment

Looks like the backdoor subsidy needed to keep the banking system liquified cannot be increased fast enough...

A nearly 7.5% bump in unleaded gasoline's spot price today!! Will this come with Vaseline when the cost is transferred to the pump? There goes the president's proposed increase in the minimum wage! Thank you insolvent banking system! A better proposal than increasing the minimum wage would have been nationalizing the refinery business. Its shutdown at the alter of Capo Confetti's hyperinflationary bailout of parasitic, derivatives laden, hopelessly insolvent money center "banks" is the root cause of skyrocketing gasoline prices.

There's just no getting around the physical economy's inexorable descent into the abyss. Mask this reality all they like with more lender of last resort largess facilitating an increase in indebtedness necessary to sustain credit derivatives activity, the utter instability underlying capacity to indefinitely continue this, the one and only thing propping up GDP, is not far from coming home to roost in some major bank's "surprise" demise.

Truth is this increase in cost for the most basic commodity necessary for running a modern economy is not translating into higher commodity prices generally. Rut ro, Relroy! What this means is that a debt burden even more fearsome than existed a few years back is only the more challenged. We're just waiting for the fat lady to sing now.

So, too, is Bill Gross, evidently waiting much the same. In fact his "Credit Supernova" PIMCO report for February 2013 leaves the impression Bill is a Risk Averse Alert reader. But one recommendation he shares per making money I will pontificate here:
(5) Be cognizant of property rights and confiscatory policies in all governments.

Good advice in a climate featuring aggressive currency devaluations and national treasury officials completely captured by a criminal element whose evil evidently knows no bounds...

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