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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sequestration: Manna for Asset Stripping Fee Junkies

Just in time for currency wars via competitive devaluations—the Alan Schwartz contingent of the puppet world doth protest too much, thus confirming the very immediacy of the threat—the political appetite for the Wall Street Special of the Day, the Satan Sandwich (a.k.a. "sequestration"), is intensifying. Who better to blame than the two dying U.S. political parties for the fruits of central banks gone wild accumulated over the past few decades about to culminate in cut throat economics on steroids (prescribed by Dr. Devaluation) throwing countless millions on the employment scrap heap?

President Obama, evidently struggling to embrace the significance of the 13th amendment (little wonder given the quality of constitutional law scholarship the Ivy League is now famous for on account of this president's leadership), would be well-advised, indeed, were he to beef up the anti-aircraft batteries surrounding the Fed. Lord only knows who might be inclined to ram a jet airplane right up Capo Confetti's petard, which in so doing could kill countless birds with one stone, among these being sequestration, the debt ceiling, and a treasonous madman, not to mention the imminent threats of skyrocketing unemployment, rising interest rates and a collapsing dollar.

Of course, the Team Fraud Plantation where such dastardly plans typically are hatched (no offense to cavemen conspiracy theorists) will have none of this, as the name of the game now is gimme assets on the cheap, and quickly (paving the way for a new megabank named "The Citibank of American Morgan Stanley Merrill Lynch Mob"). That's what sequestration and competitive devaluation are there for. Their objective is cultivating a climate producing assets on the cheap. Among these will be equities.

What can I say? When the garbage stinks this badly, it's easy to see things for what they are.

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