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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Garbage Circle Jerk Soldiers On

Trapped weak hands whose fraud-friendly backstop keeps them in the game continue running up against reality wherein fewer and fewer suckers remain who will gladly bid up garbage at the bottom rung of the capital structure in a venture to plug a gaping hole at the base of the mountain that is their dubious credit exposure—a hole dug with zero due diligence, whose depth only deepens as sovereign suckers, too, commit their Treasuries evermore to saving the plainly unsalvageable Ponzi scheme run by the London-NY axis of fraud over the past several decades...

Even the rescue operations have increasingly come up short. Then, the follow-through to these persistently reveals an exercise in disbelief, as fewer and fewer listed issues participate in the market's short squeeze driven, CME assisted march higher. As ever, diminishing volume every step of the way confirms that, weak hands with help from their fraud-friendly backstop are behind the ruse. Such is not how bull markets are made.

Today's short squeeze bringing life to coal stocks on the back of Bishop Romney's positive remarks during last night's televised axis of fraud marionette interview are just another in a long line of fakes. And speaking of fakes (beyond the two on stage last night) the Republican party's "opposition" to Fed policy no longer must be Team Fraud's concern, as today's dollars and cents reaction to the home wrecking asset stripper's "victory" last night should make clear. Suckers backing Ron Paul have been placated as much as they will be on the matter of reigning in the hopelessly bankrupt Fed. Their hope now in pretty boy rests in his promise to make race riots and larceny an up and coming growth industry amidst cuts in law enforcement their party advocates for the sake of maintaining tribute to swindlers whose LIBOR fraud remains relegated to business as usual for the party of unbridled chaos and all other manner of warmongering. This country is so lost. Wildly overpriced garbage whose valuation depends on less likely outcomes is virtually certain to join the maelstrom about to sweep over the nation no matter which incompetent marionette becomes our next president.

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