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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Shot Across the Bow

As if the Federal Reserve's persistent confirmation that, the U.S. banking system is hopelessly insolvent were not enough, today's "big news" involving the New York State Attorney General charging JP Morgan Chase with mortgage fraud occurring at Bear Stearns prior to its being taken down and absorbed in 2008—a move seen by some as likely to produce a meager settlement—for all intents and purposes appears but the proverbial insult added to injury, confirming the banking system's insolvency. So, you simply have to wonder if this might be more politically motivated, now that everyone and Mitt Romney's momma is piling on Windmill Willie's foreign policy fiascoes culminating in last month's al Qaeda attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya resulting in the death of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans: an affair whose coverup is becoming an increasing matter of "concern" among the warmongering imperialist crowd desperate for a conflagration facilitating further institutionalization of theft on a global scale. Nothing like a shot across Team Fraud's bow to help refocus attention, if only to divert the political attack on the president long enough to subdue a grossly unpenetrating "free press" through the upcoming election.

Although well-established is the fact that, politics is a dirty business, not yet widely appreciated among the political class is dissent affecting believability, whose consequence certainly could jam the intersection where intelligence-linked, imperialist assets influence policy. Let me put it this way. If al Qaeda so much as farts anywhere in U.S. territory, there probably will be a rebellion, and many a Team Fraud asset will be joining the American middle class in oblivion. This most certainly will include a grossly unpenetrating "free press" whose role in perpetuating the dismantling of the American economy in service to thieves is not lost on the majority of Americans. Indeed, here we find bi-partisan consensus. From here is not a long walk to bombs raining down on an imperial enemy whose part in the subversion of every fruit of the American Revolution has become as pervasive as the air we breathe. If the push for Glass-Steagall from London is to become a saving grace, then, Windmill Willie better have his own Damascus moment and send Secretary of State Jackboots packing with Tim Fraud at Treasury, while A.G. Sleepy gets his Barofsky on.

Let me just conclude this rant with focus on a grossly unpenetrating "free press" with nothing to say about a Mormonism whose history is far more colorful than that of the Catholic Church in relation to the American experience. Oh, we had all kinds of things to say about JFK doing the Pope's bidding, but not a peep about this asset-stripping thief Romney and his crackpot, racist "religion." Please. Could a downright subversive media—intelligence-linked imperialist assets and diligent students of Joseph Goebbels—be any more transparent?

The sale on "all is well" is losing momentum. Captive politicians with great aspirations who are about to open their yaps in the sight of millions seem a reliable font of enough anti-Team Fraud rhetoric to raise a red flag here. Add today's shot across the bow directed at Her Royal Bankruptcy's offshore derivatives casino's most captive American unit, and we have the makings for posturing under a "bombs away" banner.

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