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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tina and Bernice Doomed by a Race Card

Mario Monti, where did they find you? Have you not been to Greece? Greece is the way! So then a credible threat in Italy's search for market relief is debt write downs, sir, not withheld support for a Tobin tax twenty years too late, or blocking Europe's uber lame growth package.

Can't you see, sir, you're the last little piggy whose game changing place is to go "Wee, all the way home?" Yes sir, to home it is — bankruptcy — to roam in misery with those others of your wiggled herd who go by the names Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. So, Mario, will you grow a pair and demand a write down, or will you be cross-dressing with Bernanke and Geithner, inviting any eloquent flea to teasingly call you Maria?

Don't bother with an answer. We already know. So, too, does Angela, though, which I am sure you are aware. Otherwise you would be acting in a credible manner and not like some bought-and-paid-for buffoon.

Speaking of buffoons, how about those House Democrats playing the race card during today's Contempt of Congress vote against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder! Someone inform these fools that, African Americans fought for and won their due Civil Rights that justice be served, which is exactly what Congress is seeking to establish in documents the Attorney General has withheld for months, which Windy now claims are off limits by executive privilege, making this his Watergate moment.

So, likening the movie Titanic to today's disgraceful display by a bunch of do-nothing, fraud-facilitating creeps in Congress, we're at the part where First Officer Murdock shoots Fabrizio, then puts the gun to his head and offs himself. Sheer pandemonium. Good luck with that European bailout package, Tina and Bernice!

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It was a buffoon triple play when explanation given to today's late-day recovery (Bloomberg) was German Chancellor Angela Merkel cancelling her press conference following today's European leaders summit, this apparently to watch the European Championship semi-final match pitting Italy vs. Germany. No word on the size of the euro bond bet at stake between Monti and Merkel, nor whether in this affair another hedge has gone bad for JPM, raising its trading loss beyond today's rumored $9 billion.

This just in from Wiemar: welcome Nike to every global corporation's worst nightmare — rising input costs and no ability to pass them on. Coming to a Wal Mart near you, where, no doubt, Depends (NYSE: KMB) likewise are sold, too. All are darlings bid up by weak hands with Monti, Obama, Tina and Bernice their more than suspect backstop. Going down...

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