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Thursday, March 08, 2012

God, Save Our Ship

Wouldn't you know it. With X class solar flairs in the news, apparently it has been discovered that, increased solar activity correlates with strong rallies in the stock market...

(Never mind Tuesday's solar blast, the most intense in five years, saw the market suffer its worst day of the year, a fact no doubt having to do with the Mayan calendar issue, which I hope you know is a joke in the spirit of the subject here.)

Past performance is not indicative of future results on the sun, as well. So, then, given technical evidence at present, there's good reason to suspect at hand could be a sudden quieting of solar activity whose effect, too, might set off Bibi, or someone else wishing to make it look like Bibi, this along lines Vlad indicated the other day. All eyes on the Dome of the Rock? Look who's in the neighborhood already stirring up trouble.

Anyone else notice how thick is complacency among the above panel? Across the board oblivious. These guys are good. Not a word tonight about DOOM at the dawn of a day lenders of last resort have been avoiding like the plague these past three years, hyperinflating like crazy. Carney gets it. But Bibi really concerns me. Is he being set up?

The suspense gets even thicker with this week's move in Congress to handcuff the President. "Constitutionalist" Ron Paul won't submit Articles of Impeachment for God knows how many high crimes this President has committed, so an HR 1489 (Glass-Steagall) co-sponsor has made a move to keep this President in check, should Bibi goad him past the one and only red line that matters in positions such as theirs: authority in power. One can only hope for humanity's sake, Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) has his eye on the turd bucket that is his party's presidential slate.

At any rate one must conclude the inclination among some to blow up something and inflame war now might require haste, given the counter-direction Washington is moving following AIPAC's Nuremberg Revival earlier this week. All I can say is the bankrupt nations of the euro-zone can't help but soon follow Greece, while the stock market is prime for a giant letdown...


All the garbage turned to gold leaves little left for extending a rally at whose foundation appears the call, "God, save our sinking ship!" Last year's NYSE Bullish Percent Index turnaround screams this. Yet the momentum behind this measure's sharp reversal presently is fading fast (see bottom panel). The monetarist monkey alchemy trade, no doubt, is on its last.

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