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Monday, March 05, 2012

Who Will Be Blasted?

During a campaign meeting with leaders of the Russian National Front, Putin responded to a question by a professor from the North Caucasus about the presence of provocateurs among those attending mass rallies. He said, "Concerning provocations at rallies, and so forth, I have talked about this. Provocations against law enforcement agencies would not achieve their goal, because the people you mentioned really want some kind of clashes; they are pushing for that, and are even prepared to sacrifice somebody and blame the authorities. I know this method and these tactics. For a decade there have been attempts to use them especially from abroad. This is true, and I know about it. They are even looking for a so-called 'sacrificial lamb,' somebody famous. They would off him—excuse me—and then blame the authorities. People over there are capable of anything. I'm not exaggerating. I hope that those who sincerely want to see improvements in the situation in the country and are exercising their right to criticize and demonstrate, will not fall for this, but everybody should be aware of it."
Who doesn't "know about it," Vlad? Everyone saw what the "people over there are capable of" on September 11, 2001. Truly, if there were no case for suspecting intrigues validating the spirit of remarks Putin recently made in the context of ongoing, external efforts to destabilize Russia, then why are we still waiting for release of the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Commission Report touching on the role Saudi Arabia played in that day's awful events? A fair question, particularly considering the part this so-called "friend of Syria" and lover of democracy and human rights is playing to ignite the Middle East in war.

Today's drive for expanding conflict employing a woefully uncritical media whose blind eye turned to a bankrupt, fraud-riddled, global financial empire is become legend, raises Vladimir Putin's observations on political intrigues to a higher dimension where assassination, as well as false flag military operations, could become the means for satisfying today's readily apparent desire for war, which intention presently is being directed by institutional elements whose leading figures stand exposed — naked — on the alter of a dead Ponzi scheme once benefactor. As there likely would be little opportunity to cite the possibility of such intrigues after the fact, today's stark evidence of the euro-zone's hopeless insolvency suggests there may not be many days remaining before someone, or something, gets blasted.

Just who or what might be in the cross hairs is anyone's guess, but the trigger man's bankroll is a well-known wreck adorned with more "respectability" than its groveling subjects dare challenge. Many of its vassals even call themselves American. Yet as American as Aaron Burr they are in fact: traitors to the very principles making the United States unique among all nations of the world. Such evil as the likes are begging in today's drive for war is a natural follow-on to circumstance proceeding from an outlaw financial system at the brink of collapse.

Were it really true that, "all options are on the table," then Glass-Steagall already would have passed the Congress and been signed into law by the President. Yet without this necessary reform there is just one option remaining: war. So, toward this end think intrigues and chaotic markets, and thank Vladimir Putin for his timely heads up.

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