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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Weight of Mad Monkeys

You might argue there's no urgency to sell, so proceeding is a technical trade greased with hyperinflationary happiness from lunatic keepers of beans so rotten they can't be counted, but weighed the burden is great. ("Unthinkable!," the mad monkeys scream.) Thus does a technical trade leave the market appearing vulnerable to falling of its own weight...

NYSE McClellan

If you're not shaking your head back and forth, you just might be dead. 'Nuff said.

As for today's gold thumping and its relation to Ebenezer Bernanke, chief monkey at the Fed, the connection rather serves those who know when push comes to shove, dollar liquidity always will be made abundant by bankrupt central banks across the globe whenever it is needed, and this no matter its effect in quickening the pace of the physical economy's shutdown. So, per Fast Money traders thinking today's monthly gold reversal a seminal event, theirs likely will be among supply fed to strong hands who today took gold down to rest above its rising 50-day moving average, which, itself, is above its still rising 200-day moving average. Judging by today's increasing gold price volatility, though, things could get interesting fast.

Fast Money
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