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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cheap Share Sugar Daddies

Bring 'er right down to our long-defined channel's lower parallel, and bounce 'er right back up. Momma still got legs, it seems.


Oh, momma gettin' tired, she is, but she's a sturdy girl whenever she gets high. Been this way for three years now, just making the boys crawl and still cry for more, this if only out of force of habit competing for her faith-feeding fruits to fondle their hyperinflationary happiness, even now, while the elixir sours and threatens momma's collapse.

Just look at her milk these guys, settin' up as many as will become her cheap share sugar daddies sometime ahead. These boys keep holding on, though, thinking she's dear and surely will take 'em still higher and never let 'em down again. The higher she's gone, the more they hold on. Delirious is their hyperinflationary happiness.

Momma's boys are a witless bunch too dull to see danger hanging on for dear life to her diminishing delights. Like Greece discovered in its due time, though, a future made for beaten and bruised, cheap share sugar daddies all too plainly awaits. That the "con" in confidence is now an irreparably evident perceived sentiment widely shared finds no shortage of confirming technical perspective measuring in dollars and cents, more or less, this psychology's adverse impact. What's dear today, then, is on course to being tomorrow's disease born by cheap share sugar daddies who will be plucked for a cure when the price of their interest has been adjusted to meet a true bottom in the physical economy's collapse.

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