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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Date With Chaos

Behold physical economic breakdown on the alter of [insane] hyperinflationary monetary policy: a freight train whose fuel simply is not hydrocarbon-based. Thus, there's no need for so much refining capacity...

Oh? This means everyone gets to pay even more at the pump, so from a collective backside the many times screwed yet again subsidize a hopelessly insolvent banking system whose voracious appetite for capital is but legend receiving its due. Yet the evil of it will extend destruction far beyond even today's insolvency declaration of Europe's largest refiner, Petroplus.

Indeed, following Il Duce's speech tonight how does one not imagine a fast approaching future featuring such shark-on-shark action the likes of which no living person ever has seen? Energy (not to mention China) clearly is under attack. As no doubt must be in hyperinflationary breakdown, the hopelessly insolvent are left only to devour their own. C'est la vie oil industry.


If to be is the least disruptive alternate Elliott wave count applied to the Dow Jones Industrials (placing end of wave B at May 1st top, as mentioned yesterday), then my view toward five waves up unfolding from mid-December bottom is adjusted accordingly. It is not so much the size of last week's advance advising this slight alteration, but rather technical factors confirming its momentary staying power. So, some days more might remain to pretend the globe can somehow avoid growing threats on the horizon portending a fast approaching date with chaos.

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