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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Machines Built to Attack

Curiously, several technical measures are in a relative position not unlike late-July, thus bolstering an outlook projecting a sharp market decline straight ahead. Consider the NYSE McClellan Oscillator, the CBOE Put/Call Ratio and the NYSE Bullish Percent Index. All are simultaneously presenting technical backdrops well-poised for an imminent market gassing.

Now riddle me this. In today's fast-evolving power struggle between sovereign nation states and supra-national interests (these wielding an insolvent financial system like Democles sword) what was August's market setback? Was it not part of such well-established means (swindle) as the latter employs to further subjugate the former? As for the former, did not those representing the EMU's core last week demonstrate at least some political will to surrender power to the latter?

So, what was Hitler's move after Chamberlain got his "peace in our time?"

(Strange how in our time a nationality role reversal is occurring on a different field with Merkel playing Chamberlain and Cameron playing the Fuehrer. What choice, then, does a bankrupt City of London and its junior partners in New York have but launch an attack? Has not the whole [hopelessly bankrupt] "special relationship" been built up for just that, much like Nazi Germany's military machine was in the former age? Those tricky fascist imperialists! When it comes to subduing external threats in chaos we see there are many ways to skin a cat.)


Right now, the green line of support-resistance drawn above appears a near-term point of interest. I'm rather suspicious, though, this might be taken out before Christmas. If wave (2) of C rather ended at late-October peak and wave (3) of C presently is underway, then $SPX support just under 1100 could give way any day now, and this even if the market should bounce tomorrow...

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