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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Time and Space of the Moment

Did you hear about record flooding in Binghamton, NY, the stomping grounds of my youth? My aunt's house was flooded to the basement windows. Others, well up the first floor. The damage was spread over dozens of miles, effecting countless neighborhoods. Owego, NY (about 20 miles from Binghamton) was crushed. The levels to which the Susquehanna River and its tributaries rose was, to someone familiar with their normal levels, just mind boggling.

Anyway, the past couple days were spent ripping out my aunt's finished basement right down to the studs. Hard and dirty work it was. Somewhat tiring, but only a little more than staying ahead of the Geithner curve.

To put it simply, odds are terribly low that, 2011 will be the year when added leverage restored confidence in a plainly bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system. Indeed, the hyperinflationary effect on physical economy is only surer to accelerate with each new leveraged bailout furthering credit access imbalances. This effect, of course, alludes to matters at polar opposites to what fascist tools at the top say is their intent. Truth is each new bailout assures confidence is further shattered in a negative feedback loop widening credit access imbalances.

And to the stock market this spells doom.


Two days absent comment did not leave expectations defied. The market continues correcting August's loss, while technically remaining negatively poised. Lo and behold there's upside space to remain much the same. However, more important than space is time. Every minute commanding exorbitant prices for toilet paper has political interests desperate to forestall demand destruction for it and the mighty mountain of crap on which its value is based, the likes of which no added leverage can save.

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