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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Obama Girlfriend Infects Treasury With AIDS

With Wall Street's whore announcing Treasury has contracted AIDS (Acquired Insolvency Depression Syndrome), there is but one conclusion to make: President Obama's girlfriend, already on her knees — keeled over in excruciating pain, hemorrhaging — is determined to hasten the destruction of the United States.

There should be no illusion. Given the current (insolvent) order of things — sans restoration of a Glass-Steagall reform of the U.S. banking system — the very demise of the U.S. Treasury is the object of the credit downgrade meted by enemy of state Standard & Poor's. Course has been laid for a massive squeeze on credit, and with consequence aiming to lay the U.S. Treasury prostrate. Pure and simple, this is an act of war against the United States.

Anyone abiding this rating agency's decision as though it were legitimate and binding is no less an enemy of the state.

Those promoting Wall Street's "reckless spending" talking point without touching upon a tens of trillions of dollars subsidy to hopelessly insolvent financial institutions are but enemy combatants. Time has come for Washington to make all haste in separating subversives from patriots.

As for Wall Street, well, theirs is a hopeless cause. Much as their recent open letter to elected representatives demonstrated, their whore's downgrade of the U.S. Treasury's debt is no less an open admission of the insolvency of so-called "assets" upon which their faux power rests. Time has come for this fraud's "shocking" revulsion, then, because there simply is no credible alternative.


The view from Hades finds a welcome sign greeting pimp and whore alike, saying come on down, and yes, you'll find plenty of room here for that Treasury lapdog you both enjoy making an ass of.

So, adding to a rapidly unraveling trans-Atlantic banking system is a downgrade of Treasury debt which could only be venturing to accelerate financial collapse. There simply is no sane reason to think otherwise. Thus, straight on course to being born out in spades is yesterday's timely statement of principle to which are subject those many claims suggesting the market is "oversold."

Clearly, that Standard & Poor's downgrade of U.S. Treasury debt occurs at the very moment when disintegration of the trans-Atlantic financial system is accelerating is not so much uncanny, as it is just plain evil. The world as we know it is about to be destroyed. There simply are no strong hands with power to prop up the illusion of solvency any longer ... sans Glass-Steagall.

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