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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time Inside the Doors Waiting for the Sun

A blast from the past finds its mark in our time...

C'mon in Ann Marie.

You're dreaming if you think the occasion for debating Medicare reform can occur prior to reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. You're simply out of touch with the fact that, the trans-Atlantic banking system is at the precipice of a chain reaction collapse whose effect will call for leadership capable of saving the nation, let alone the means by which it provides quality health care. No diversion, how ever finely perfumed, will succeed in distracting from the most critical policy matter involving many trillions of worthless gambling debts about to go bust, whose unraveling will hasten a shut down of the physical economy with unprecedented speed and devastation. The echo of FDR's 1933 Inaugural Address indicting "money changers" soon will become deafening. And the likes of these Rep. Ryan proposes subsidizing even further than the President already has with his so-called healthcare "reform?" Talk about a guaranteed non-starter!

Oh look! By golly, now Italy is blowing out...

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