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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sanity Approaches Its Boiling Point

Psst. Look who else believes restoration of Glass-Steagall is essential to securing the posterity of the U.S. banking system...

How's that for a curve ball! Obviously, if credit is to be directed to the physical economy via projects venturing to elevate its productivity-enhancing capacities, a stable banking system no longer saddled with debt marked to fantasy is a necessary start.

Then there's 77 year old CEO Robert G. Wilmers, who for nearly thirty years has run Buffalo-based M&T Bank. Wilmers says the Glass-Steagall Act never should have been abolished, and characterizes America's TBTF banks as being "a virtual casino."

Strong words! What ever shall Team Fraud marionettes Obama, Geithner and Bernanke do?

It's becoming clear that, a battle is brewing and with it a crash not soon recovered likely will ensue. So, better not forget May 6th, 2010. Something ten times worse is simmering and once it reaches a boil there will be no escaping the devastation...

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