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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Parrot on a Pirate Will Answer No Questions

In his much anticipated press conference this coming Wednesday Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke would do the United States and the world a big favor if at the very start, the bearded one asks the press corp to watch the following video, promising a brief statement at its conclusion...

... following which Captain Hyperinflation announces to his stunned audience his immediate resignation from the Federal Reserve, this, of course, on account of the fact a New Great Depression has been averted, and confidence in the American miracle restored...



Forgive my wishful thinking, as wishful thinkers naively backing the Fed's insane QE policy deserve forgiveness, too. These are not to be confused with the Fed's fascist protagonists who keep the likes of a Bernanke playing the part of a parrot perched on the pirate his promoters in fact are.

Yet plunderers of the wealth of nations, who in the grand scheme make Somalians appear Goliath, really are no match to the good ship Glass-Steagall sailing in the parrot Fed's direction through a fog only slightly obscuring its time of arrival....


If she isn't here already, she will be very soon. Indeed, her arrival might be the only thing you can confidently take to the bank these days...

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