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Monday, February 14, 2011

Collapsing Odds on Tranquility

A concentrated collection of bankrupt, global financial conglomerates whose leverage only fools believe can be sustained still today finds its head in a noose whose tightening now but awaits a trap door's opening by a Congress acting to bring the Egyptian riots to the United States, and stat, all in the name of some insane cause they call "fiscal discipline."

Stupid is as stupid does, and with "tough choices" to be made for the sake of sustaining bailout falling upon a generation whose peers took to the streets in the 1960s protesting an out-of-control government escalating war in Southeast Asia, we might see 2011 bringing walkers and canes raining on the White House lawn one day, while empty prescription bottles shower the Capital, this in response to Washington's preliminary, bi-partisan focus on cutting "entitlements."

Yet, then, too, might many dozen, strapped college administrators conspire that students walk like an Egyptian? (Make noise, win a prize.)

One simply wonders whether any attempted, further sinking of the U.S. Treasury occurring in the upcoming battle over the federal budget might serve to dramatically alter the social and political climate here at the epicenter of systemic collapse. Thus, too, does one wonder whether Treasury's ultimate sinking at this time might prove most useful to those backers of causes possessing distinctly anti-government sentiments, the likes of which have been made rather fashionable these past fifty years.

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As you see, the market's strained march toward cliff's edge continues with further upside likely remaining, affording still more pretend time before the precipice, at last, is reached.

All eyes still remain fixed on the exits. This conclusion delivered by underlying technical conditions rightly should be seen a natural outcome in a climate demonstrated rife with fraud — a scourge whose presence is boldly revealed even now with political focus on "deficit reduction" rather than that full measure of scam prevention as alone will restore confidence.

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