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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Angry Streets ... Everywhere and Cairo

Hat tip to Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak. Backbone is such a rare trait these days.

No dictation from outside Egypt will be tolerated, you say? A 15% wage increase for everyone? But won't this tweak that handful of insolvent financiers whose mask over bankruptcy needs weak and chaotic political conditions preventing such things? Backbone, indeed.

So, where might a growing threat of social breakdown lead?

Well, for the moment any nation possessing oil, or whose geography is strategic in its transport, it appears time has come for a raise, adding pressure on margins everywhere.

And those nations without strategic resources? Having nothing to lose and everything to gain in peacefully taking to the streets ... with historic strides in national identity waiting to be made ... one wonders how long before Ireland, England, Spain and Italy EXPLODE.

It is strange, though, how growing risk of social disintegration coincides with a national terror alert being called by the Homeland Security Secretary the most severe since 9/11 in some ways.

NYSE 5-min

Unable to depict the full breadth, time-wise, of the market's anticipated levitation over days ahead, you see a sense of it in tiny gains remaining to be made before wave c of 5 completes ... this likewise prospectively completing wave C of an a-b-c corrective wave up from March '09 bottom and setting the stage for the market's subsequent collapse.

Unfortunately, only in hindsight will be proven my assumption that, time is precious, indeed. Still, every instance of what for months has been persistently growing, underlying technical weakness continues supporting this point of view, this by a long-developing configuration plainly and consistently revealing the risk of collapse is quite considerable.

Growing harmony among interests in both the political realm, as well as the stock market make for a rising tide, socially and financially. Plainly, harmony has left the building. Everywhere, this is what we see. You don't need me to connect the dots. No doubt, risk of chaos is increasing...

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