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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Waiting on the Weight

Judging by recent experience following a day's trading when volume picks up from otherwise subdued readings accompanying the bulk of the market's advance off early-February bottom, we are in for a day or three of levitating, and this quite likely while maintaining a similar, upwardly sloping bias...


From this perspective top still appears some days away. If today's turn lower had continued this week's rather subdued trading activity, then I might be inclined to suspect top is in. Today would have been seen a first sign of stocks falling of their own weight.

Instead, it appears continuing for a few days more will be that tightly controlled, orderly offloading of shares such as manufactures time necessary to erase fearsome memories of the recent financial crisis among the vast majority of suckers who are easily deceived by technical comparisons with a past that, today, might as well have been the stone age.

And speaking of the stone age...

Do you remember the day when Wall Street could market U.S. Treasury securities without having to fan the flames of a fearsome fire threatening to consume the globe with financial chaos, doing this because, absent the mechanism for conducting a global carry trade the charade of solvency of the financial system would evaporate in an instant?

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