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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Coming to a Nation State Near You...

Mr. "Irrational Exuberance" of December 5, 1996 now says, "There is a momentum building up which is really just beginning, and it’s got a way to go." Just who owns the mainstream media probably is the only thought worth pondering when a man with zero credibility remains in the limelight (rather than, say, a jail cell).

Unfortunately, we probably have much more chaos to endure before that disdainful view of mine toward the axis of fraud becomes a deafening consensus. That the same, old, discredited players remain onstage, however, offers a great deal of evidence in support of this likelihood soon becoming our rather shocking reality.

Isn't that right, Mr. Cavallo?

For your edification a taste of things to come, so long as those completely discredited continue receiving quarter...

The parallels our own nation's present circumstance have with those leading to Argentina's economic collapse are rather astonishing. Given cowardly political complicity with demands made by the axis of fraud at the state and local level, it is only a matter of time before austerity measures being imposed precipitate similar social explosions.

Those claiming that, the supposedly 90% of adult Americans still employed offer a solid base upon which "recovery" might be launched simply fail to appreciate the reality of circumstance precipitated by grotesque financial leverage placed upon a collapsing physical asset base — a condition imposed over decades upon the United States as also Argentina.

Simply put, we are trapped. This fact is made all the more plain when those lacking a shred of credibility, like Alan Greenspan, continue being presented as trustworthy authorities.

Less worrisome about this, though, is the likelihood of chaotic collapse being the next "unforeseen" consequence of such incompetence as bedevils those in leadership positions (including those heading TBTF investment banks). When one simply ponders dynamics surrounding a prospective purposeful intention leading to some chaotic stream of events hitting the nation, occurring in the context of that pervasive cowardice infecting politics these days (hat tip Dennis Kucinich), one envisions a nation where tyranny becomes even less well-concealed than is the case presently. This possibility is considerably more troublesome in comparison to the mere likelihood of financial chaos.

(Not to fear, though, says Luke 12:4; a useful fallback when "the home of the brave" rings hollow.)

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