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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sheep in Line for Fleecing

Among Fast Money traders there is agreement that, cheap risk premiums better afford opportunity to hedge long equity positions. Insurance is at its cheapest in many months...


So, then, why should a market +70% off March '09 bottom perpetually command fewer insurance takers?...


Consider the trend of the 200-day moving average of the CBOE's Put/Call Ratio...

You might say the long trade largely consists of players who can ill-afford to buy even cheap insurance. Or you might say the consensus sees less need.

Either way, objective measure of the mindset and means of those long equity quite adequately reveals sheep in line for a fleecing (should history be a reasonable guide, rather than some technical illusion as most players these days by fate claim to value).

One other thing to think about...

With wealth concentrated in fewer hands that, now are less well-hedged, how much more rapidly might a relentless, self-feeding death spiral ensue?

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