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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Financial Freedom Expo: Still No Money Tree

Former NCAA and NFL head coach, Jimmy Johnson, appearing in a promotion for the Financial Freedom Expo says,
"As a professional coach I understand the importance of having a well-defined game plan and executing it. The same thing applies in the stock market. You have to find the strategy that's right for you, then execute."

Key is finding "the way." That is the strategy that's right for you. This is the manner of thinking you will build upon from the moment you grasp it.

And it won't be for love of money you "get it." Rather, it will be for love of living up to investment truth, where this meets your financial bottom line.

If it is, first, for money you seek, then the Financial Freedom Expo alone might not give you such wisdom to both make money and, more critically keep it. In the end you probably will lose, because the money will drive you, and not the full truth behind its getting. They say money does not grow on trees for good reason!

Now, I know nothing about the Financial Freedom Expo. I simply have seen the television infomercial featuring former University of Miami and Dallas Cowboys head coach, and now FOX NFL analyst, Jimmy Johnson, promoting this free seminar. His message is quite compelling, too. Then, come to find out, the Expo is free? Seems like a no brainer!

Still, one that's worthy of some thought, too...

There is a truth to the strategy you will learn at the Financial Freedom Expo. Yet your certainty about it must not be smothered in the prospect of sure profits. There is no such thing.

"The market goes up, the market goes down," just like Jimmy Johnson says. And, yes, there are very easy ways to profit no matter which way the wind blows. Still, you will not always sail easily. This truth simply is inescapable.

Johnson wisely recommends adjusting your investment strategy to what the market is doing. I quite agree. Yet to precisely know what the market is doing, always — no matter how well-developed your strategy — simply is not possible.

Which leads to analysis put forward in this blog, principally geared to providing insights into the stock market's intermediate- and long-term prospects, with stocks at large seen as a widely owned, highly-liquid financial asset — yet just one investment alternative among several other possibilities.

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All the more, too, if you are comfortable with that likely shorter-term trading strategy you will begin learning at the Expo. There's a good chance confidence in your power to make sound investment decisions, albeit short-term, will be well-served staying in tune with my thinking, whether we agree in our outlook or not.

Let me assure you, too, there is just one reason I recommend you pay attention: the risk of chaotic trading over the next few years is as great as it has been for many generations. This, my considerably well-informed view, is yours to help polish that strategy — the game plan — you will learn at the Financial Freedom Expo.

Best wishes, and good luck.

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