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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to Nigh

Gaming the system ... is this not natural? And is this not what was presented in technicolor last fall?

So, what potential danger is there in a big city mayor (who happens to be a media empire mogul) doing what Congress instead should be doing? (And on this note, is it likewise potentially problematic that, state Attorneys General have been doing what the SEC supposedly is charged to do?)

No doubt, somehow, Bloomberg is gaming the system. But what's the intention? And what might become "unintended" consequences? (Like those Treasury Secretary Paulson claimed when Lehman Brothers was let go — pure chicken feed, but such is the nature of the system being gamed.)

That weighty, risk-filled, systemic issues remain unresolved to this day is how this present moment is much like last May (2008).

And if I may note, too, a chain is as strong as its weakest link ... and securities crippling the credit system still reach globally.

And if a flea like me could be wondering what might be the risk of a run on the U.S. Treasury, then what might an aristocrat be thinking? Plow money into the riskiest of securities — equities? Think again!

The technical tour is returned to top is nigh. So, this is to say wave iv of 5 of C likely ended last Monday (8.17.09) and wave v of 5 has been unfolding since ... with yesterday's surge at the open marking the end of wave 3 of v.

Indeed, it's possible waves 4 and 5 of v formed today. Thus, top might be in.

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