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Monday, August 10, 2009

In the Summer of Our Discontent

So, about these highly publicized, disruptive town hall meetings wherein members of Congress are receiving an earful from constituents opposed to the proposed health care swindle which, in fact, is intended to help pay for the bailout swindle...

What are aristocratic scoundrels loyal to the British Empire to do?

How about, say, pull the plug on the lender of last resort — the U.S. Treasury?

When Congressional leaders are calling protests "un-American" is this not about the right time to blossom the sharp division existing among Americans, feed into the population's general discontent with its government, and act to irreversibly destroy the credibility of representative government here in the U.S.?

To think this could be done without so much as even firing a shot! Do you think there might be a petrodollar owner or two who might be persuaded by representatives of the City of London to begin aggressively dumping Treasury securities holdings and precipitate a chain reaction panic whose effect has a better chance of netting the full measure of sacrifice the health care "reform" effort is failing?

This is the risk here. I fear waking one day and learning the U.S. dollar is being vigorously abandoned. Indeed, the systemic issues we presently face are best not ignored. These, in fact, threaten to kick off the stock market's anticipated collapse with a 10-20% down day right out of the gate.

And that is why the last quarter of my available free capital (wish it were 50% instead) is days away from completing my UltraShort ETF position.

Per those "bottoms up" analysts who think systemic risks are inconsequential, well, they are only making a case for all to kiss their sorry asses goodbye when bottom falls out...

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