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Monday, April 27, 2009

Keeping It Real

It's possible the stock market's upcoming bout of weakness might not be as bad as I have been fearing. Specifically, March '09 bottom might not be challenged as convincingly and as soon as was suggested in the chart of the NASDAQ Composite Index presented here last week. If so, then get ready for several weeks of directionless, sideways trading.

There's really no compelling reason why this possibility suddenly deserves consideration. Indeed, it was on the radar before a more dour outlook took center stage over the past couple weeks. This is the view putting NASDAQ 2200 in the cross hairs sometime later this year. The move up to this objective would largely unfold following an upcoming period of sideways trading.

Here's the deal. If one is to believe nothing is set in stone, then one better remain open to all reasonable possibilities. A sideways trending market over coming weeks certainly qualifies.

Right now, it is well enough to see an upcoming period of selling pressure is likely. Just where this might lead only time will tell.

Likewise, should the market trade sideways over the next 5-13 weeks, the range in which indexes fall and rise is more or less an open book. It could be fairly narrow. Or it might be so wide as to even challenge the March '09 bottom.

All uncertainty aside I am comfortable for the time being remaining in cash.

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