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Monday, August 11, 2008

Diversionary Winds Feeding Fantasy and Death

The question appears to be coming down to what staged event will precipitate a crisis of extraordinary proportions quite possibly portending the outbreak of war. Lords know the thoroughly bankrupt financial game elevating political power needs diversionary cover allowing for a downward shift in the lives of little people like you and me, who far too complacently assume the scum of the earth that built up a mountain of worthless financial claims driving millions into destitution and insolvency operate in their best interest.

Something is brewing. There can be no denying all things on the technical front continue creeping on the edge, completely justifying negative equity market expectations backing my position. Still, the "what me worry?" trade persists. It's madness ... just perfectly insane.

Thus, something entirely crazy probably is what one might rightly expect to rock a world content to operate in such delusional fantasy as believes yesterday's more seemingly innocuous status quo can continue driving all things financial forward. I for one will be the least bit surprised were something precipitating a huge gap open lower to develop. Indeed, all things technical suggest one is the wiser to expect this ... quite possibly even before the end of the week.

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